What are the top four travel locations at Patong Beach?

Top fours travel locations at Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is one of the provinces in Thailand’s southern coast. The number of Thai and foreign visitors who want to travel to Phuket in Thailand is increasing. Since COVID-19 is not widely spread, travelers may enter Thailand through the Sandbox program, and the rules to pass through Phuket International Airport are easier and faster than the previous years. Patong is a popular tourist destination on Phuket Island. The following are my top four travel destinations in Patong, Phuket

1.      Suwan Kiriwong Temple

It is also known as Patong Temple. It is Patong’s oldest temple surrounded by nature. The location is near a mountain. You will feel relaxed when you enter Suwan Kiriwong Temple. Many people visit here to pay homage to monks, give blessings, present offerings, make merit, and cover the Buddha image with gold, and walk to enjoy the beauty of Thai architecture in the temple, which includes both a church and a pavilion to help you feel calm and at peace. If you visit Patong, I strongly advise you to arrive first to ensure a safe and lucky trip on Phuket.

2.      Patong Beach

After you pray to a monk at Suwan Kiriwong Temple, the second place that I highly recommend you to go is Patong Beach since there are many interesting activities available to help you relax and recover from your long journey. You may sunbathe on the beach, play Banana Boat, ride jet ski, and parachute, and eat delicious food or desserts near Patong Beach. The distance between the Suwan Kiriwong temple and Patong Beach is about 3 kilometers, which is  not far.

3.      Bangla Walking Street

After enjoying the day at Patong Beach, I recommend spending the evening in Bangla Walking Street, which is adjacent to Patong Beach and Central Patong. The atmosphere is reminiscent of Thailand’s Khaosan Road. There are numerous stores, restaurants, and pubs accessible in these areas, with an ambiance full of the rush and bustle of music, and many visitors who congregate continually throughout the day and night.

4.      Patong Inn Art

          It is the Phuket Gallery which shows beautiful and amazing artwork which is located in Patong subdistrict, Kathu district in Phuket, Thailand. There are many pictures that attract the customers such as birds, tigers, and others. The natural artwork is also available. Interestingly, the tourists can order the artwork that you want by purchasing it to be your souvenir.

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