The number of foreigners tourists who visit Thailand



Thailand is one of the countries where many foreigners want to visit since there are many interesting and attractive places, delicious food, or good facilities, especially BTS or MRT, that allow you to travel easily. Tourism is a key factor in stimulating the Thai economy and GDP. However, during the COVID-19 epidemic, Thailand is closed due to government regulations to restrict the spread of COVID-19, resulting in a reduction in Thai GDP. I’d like to list the top five number of visitors from each nation who visited Thailand before the COVID-19 outbreak. And for the first quarter of 2565, consider the following:

●       Before COVID-19 or in year 2561

Top five number of tourists from each nation who come to Thailand before COVID-19 pandemic as follows:

1.      China

          China was one of the first countries to have Chinese tourists in Thailand, accounting for 7.44 percent. It can be indicated that China has a significant influence on Thailand’s tourist industry.

2.      Malaysia

         It is the second country that has the tourists from Malaysia who come to Thailand behind China. There are around 4,097,604 persons, with a positive 17.6 percent.

3.      South Korea

It is ranked third among nations where visitors from South Korea travel to Thailand. It is about 1,796,596 persons, or a positive 5.11 percent.

4.      Laos

          In 2561, there were around 1,750,658 Laos visitors in Thailand, accounting for a positive 4.08 percent.


      5.   Japan

          It is ranked number five. There were about 1,656,100 Japanese visits to Thailand before the COVID-19 epidemic, accounting for a positive 7.23 percent.

●       After COVID-19 pandemic or the first quarter of 2565

          Following the lockdown, the number of foreigners vacationing in Thailand has increased by 2,101 percent, earning revenue of 3.41 billion baht, an increase of 1,424 percent. Since the Thai government allows foreigners to visit Thailand via the Test & Go, Sandbox, and Thailand Pass programs. According to the statistics, the first quarter of 2565 runs from January to March. Thailand has around 44,039 international visitors. Europe is the first nationality, with around 265,888 people. Furthermore, Thailand earns around 34,137 million Baht from tourism. When compared to the same period previous year, both the number of tourists and income increased in the first quarter of 2565. Top five number of tourists from each nation who come to Thailand after COVID-19 pandemic as follows:

1.      Russia

          Having around 51,360 peoples in Thailand

2.      German

         There are approximately 38,359 people who visit Thailand after COVID-19 Pandemic.

3.      United Kingdom

          Around 31,712 people in Thailand.

      4.   Franch

          In 2565, there are French tourists who traveling in Thailand around 29,855 people.

    5.   United States

          Having around 25,315 people in Thailand


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